It’s been quiet at the blog but that doesn’t mean it’s mean it’s been quiet around here.  Our active and ever-growing toddler (20 months already!) and the demands of busy work and life schedules have kept us hopping.

One busy toddler, two dogs, and six chickens...we've got this thing!

But we are staying warm and snug in the little house, enjoying the fruits of our summer labors with lots of warming meals made of our produce.  We are ever-thankful for the freezer full of veggies and two deer that have kept us well-fed this season.

Solstice Dinner

Braided Challah Bread

We are trying to carve out a mindfulness, a slowness, despite the busy season.  Our evenings are precious to us.  It is our “slow time.”  Cooking nourishing family dinners, reading lots of books to our little one and taking time to play, and evening cups of tea and good conversation keep us connected and grounded.

Holding onto the light during the long nights

Snuggles with a sleepy boy

We’ve also made a commitment to maintaining healthy bodies.  On top of eating well, we have been able to stay active thanks to a mostly open winter (we are just now experiencing the first significant snow of the year!).  We even enjoyed Christmas Eve runs on the bike trail in 50 degree weather.  It has been wonderful to experience a late winter and enjoy the feeling the warm breezes and sunshine far into January.  On colder days and now that the snow and ice has arrived, we head to the YMCA.

All of has made for one happy, healthy Mama, which is good because I have a very important job this winter: growing our second child.  Yes, we are expecting another son in May this year.  We are so very excited to expand our family and can’t wait to meet this little boy.

Happy Mama at 20 weeks

Hope you are finding your peace this winter, no matter how busy you may be.  Sending much love, and will try to update more often!


2 responses to “Winter

  1. Se sweet, so nice!

  2. Awesome post! Keep those night precious and quiet!! Days are busy enough! I still love some of the books I read and reread to the kids!

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