Sioux Falls Urban Chicken Ordinance Reviewed

Our little family made the cover of the Argus Leader today for a story surrounding the ordinance that allows urban chickens in Sioux Falls.  The ordinance is being reviewed by the city council, so if you support allowing folks to have some food security by keeping layers in the city, let them know!

Here is the story:  Squawking Over Urban Farms

Photo credit Devin Wagner, Argus Leader


2 responses to “Sioux Falls Urban Chicken Ordinance Reviewed

  1. Way cool! How do we “Let them know”?

    • Here’s a link to the city council members.

      Each of them have their email on their page. A friendly email to let them know you support the ordinance to allow urban chickens would be wonderful , especially if you’re a Sioux Falls resident. Even better, come to the city council meeting when it is discussed (I’ll keep updated on when this might be happening)!

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