The New Gals

We welcomed two new ladies to the flock last week, a pair of Ameraucana pullets from a local farmer. We needed to add to the flock since little Harper has a not so little appetite and is rivaling Wyatt in his love of eggs.

They spent the first night in the garage in Rube’s kennel, then the second day in the kennel by the chicken run to introduce them to our hens. That afternoon we let them into the run where several of our hens stood curiously by while others started implementing “the pecking order.”

Harper and his steadfast fascination with the chickens

The chicken social hierarchy is a very real thing and our flock has been working hard at making these young gals realize they are at the bottom of the totem pole. The poor chicks have been hiding out in the coop most days, cowering when the “big” chickens come near. We were a little concerned they might not work it out (especially because our Rhode Island Red seems really seems to have it out for these gals), but just today we finally spotted the pullets out in the chicken yard mingling (from a distance) with the other birds. Whew! Hopefully soon the birds will figure it all out. Anyone know of a chicken whisperer?

Taking refuge atop the shade hut

These ladies are gorgeous! We’re loving our beautiful mixed flock, and looking forward to blue/green eggs these ladies will be providing!


2 responses to “The New Gals

  1. Too funny Heidi!

  2. Hope they will get along. After all, they are all female!

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