Too busy living to blog

This summer has been a whirlwind!  The issue with having a blog on urban homesteading is that the times when you are MOST active growing, building, and doing are the times you are least likely to blog.  There’s just too much living going on to take the time to blog!

Well what have we been up to since May?  So very much.

Our biggest project is of course the garden.  And it’s been keeping us hopping!

after a wet and cold spring, finally planting...

planting in the sunshine

and planting in the chill (crazy spring!)

creating raised beds of strawberries and herbs

and planting a second garden plot (at the community gardens at Falls Park)

and raising seedlings



and seeing things grow...

and grow...and grow!


But there’s so much to do in the summer!  So beyond the home what have been doing?  Let’s see…

Eating ice cream

Running the Mickelson Trail Half Marathon

On our 7th Year Wedding Anniversary!

Vacationing in the Black Hills

Laying in the sunshine

Shopping at the Farmers Market

Celebrating Harpers 1st Birthday


Spending time with family

Grilling at Tanglewood

Did I mention grilling at Tanglewood?

And best of all, sharing this all with a very special little boy!

 Thank goodness for long summer days!

Hope everyone’s summer is going well!  Now tell me what you’ve been up to!


4 responses to “Too busy living to blog

  1. Cute! I still have to find a present for Harper!

  2. Yay for summer! What a fun, wonderful family!

  3. Great pics – especially of your family! Harper is a cutie-pie and now I am really missing him!

  4. Awesome! Love hearing about your summer and seeing pics of your family!!!

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