Spring (finally)!

I’m sorry to have dropped off the face of the planet for a while.  I’ve had the very best of intentions to keep up on the blog but it seems like life is constantly switching to a faster and faster gear!  (and I keep telling myself, it’ll slow down soon, ha!)

We are finally starting to experience some spring-like weather, though it continues to be colder than average (not to mention the incredible wind we’ve had as well as rain!).  Nights are bringing freezes and it has seemed like we’ll never get the garden in.  Last night we finally tilled the garden and spent a little time outside soaking up a warm spring breeze.  It was brief, but gave us a taste of what is to come!

Breaking the tiller out of hibernation--thanks to Wyatt's Dad for getting it started after a long, cold winter!

Sight for sore eyes

Catching some sunshine while Harper eats the backpack

Hello Chickies!

Four eggs a day!

We have been too busy to get our seeds started indoors but we did finally make it to the greenhouse use the other day and picked up some potting soil so we can get some of those longer-season crops started this week.  Wyatt wants to do one more round of tilling on the garden and after that I plan on dropping in some seeds immediately.  I sat down last weekend and cataloged all the seeds and made a list of everything that could go in now, what needs to wait, what we can start indoors ASAP, and what we need to buy as starts for transplanting.

Stacks of seeds waiting to be planted

Fedco was out of Sweet Mama squash (how could I resist with a name like that?), so they kindly included a packet of change to refund us. It included silver dollars!

Spring really is here because the FIRST Farmers Market of the season is Saturday!  Sooo exciting!  We are also planning on hitting up a few spring rummages to hunt down some good quality clothes for the rapidly growing munchkin and see if we can snag a bike trailer.

We did get a community garden plot at Falls Park, but the plots won’t be open until this weekend or so.  We’ll be putting the non-labor-intensive crops like potatoes, onions, and squash down there.  Sadly we found out that they’re closing the section of bike trail out here for repairs so we won’t be able to ride down to the garden or Farmers Market as we had planned.  Since the main artery from our neighborhood to the city doesn’t have sidewalks riding with the little guy on the bike lane-less roads doesn’t seem to be an option.  Truly disappointing, as we have been talking about using the trail for these family outings since bought the house.  Wyatt contacted the city council to voice his concern about this neighborhood not being pedestrian or bike-friendly and we did receive some positive responses back.

I have a few blogs in the works that I will try to get cranked out soon.  One will be on making our first batch of kombucha(!), and the other will be called The Great Cloth Diaper Review.  I’ve had some questions from friends about cloth diapers and that finally lit a fire under me to get this long-planned blog out.

What’s on your agenda this spring?  Are you feeling the spring rush?


3 responses to “Spring (finally)!

  1. You guys are truly the cutest little family! Heidi I am truly at awe on how you guys live from the earth and try to do everything with less impact. I am glad I get to be apart of your lifes a few times a week 🙂

  2. Hello from Elk Point, SD! We are definitely feeling the spring rush down here (and how about the ‘spring’ weather lately – 95 degress?!?!?). Thanks to the raised beds in our garden we’ve already eaten lettuce and are well on our way to sugar snap peas. I got really ambitious this year, so there should be massive harvests if everything goes well.

    I’m so jealous of your chickens! And your close proximity to the Falls Park farmer’s market and the Co-0p 🙂 We make our way up there every other month or so (for Co-op cashew butter, hahaha!), but are trying to cut down on our fossil fuels.

    Happy homesteading to you,

  3. Thanks Monica, we’re glad you are too!
    Meghan, glad you’re enjoying the blog! Jealous of your garden harvest…we’re feeling so behind. How is it possible that it was too COLD to plant and now it’s supposed to be 90 degrees today? What happened to spring??

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