Spring Fever

Will sell soul for fresh lettuce

Even though the official start of spring is a few weeks away, I have finally succumbed to spring fever.  I was doing really well at staying accepting of the lingering winter, not getting angry or resentful about the below-average temps, and just remaining quite zen-like about the seemingly never-ending situation.  But yesterday I picked up two new books at the library  that have fully unleashed all the green yearnings  I had buried under a deep blanket of cold and snow.

Perusing Grow Vegetables by Alan Buckingham and Made from Scratch by Jenna Woginrich has unleashed upon me a fever of wild excitement that led me to draw up a list of outdoor-related urban homesteading plans that I thought I would share with you.  Here they are, organized categorically of course, and without any reality-induced censorship:

Last year's garden mid-season

Garden Plans:

  • Complete seed order, buy some nursery plants later on
  • Purchase all potting materials and start seeds (next month!)
  • Plant kitchen garden in backyard (more time-intensive and often-used vegetables such as tomatoes, kale, spinach, peas, carrots, beets, beans, basil, etc.)
  • Plant storage crops at community garden plot (potatoes, onions, squash, possibly melons)
  • Plant annual and perennial herbs in containers and barrels
  • Buy composting bin/barrel  (we ‘ve realized we need to do something more than a casual “compost pile” in our urban environment)

Sweet, sweet cherry tomatoes...can you taste them?


  • Create raised bed to plant strawberries
  • Plant raspberry bushes
  • Plant an apple tree


The chickens also want it to be spring, they told me so last time I trudged out to feed them in 13 degree temps


  • Build a “shade hut” alongside the chicken coop
  • Paint coop
  • Spruce up the chicken run, fix fencing, and clean out winter deep bedding from coop
  • Plant sunflowers along west side of chicken run


  • Install gutters on garage and create rain barrel to catch water for garden and chicken usage
  • Hang shutters back on the house
  • Re-pot houseplants  that need it
  • Buy a canner
  • Purchase a small chest freezer for garage
  • Dig a small backyard root cellar like this one
  • Purchase that long-awaited bike trailer for Harper

Family aglow in Vitamin D

I have visions of warm days outside in the garden with the little one, suppers on the grill, evenings around the fire pit with Wyatt on the guitar, hikes at Great Bear and Newton Hills, Saturdays at the Farmers Market,  sunset rides along the bike trail, and running outdoors.  Oh man, bring on spring!!!

So have I passed along the fever?  What spring plans do you have?


4 responses to “Spring Fever

  1. I’m definitely getting the fever. No real plans, yet, though.

  2. My plans for spring aren’t very detailed; pretty much this is my list as of right now:
    1. Go outside.
    2. Stay outside a really long time.
    3. Come inside eventually to get food.
    4. Go back outside.
    I may be delirious with cabin fever, but I keep thinking that when spring comes my life will be magically transformed: kids will be happy, I’ll be a better mom, all our problems will dissolve in the sunshine and fresh air.

    I’m so envious of your homestead! We can’t wait to have a place that is really ours. Until then, we’ll grow some herbs & tomatoes in pots and stick with our CSA.

  3. Sara: I definitely am experiencing the same thoughts about a magical transformation where all our problems will dissolve in the sunshine and fresh air! It has to be true!

  4. Too funny Sara…it’s true!
    Heidi…hang in there…somehow we are buried here down in the gulch!

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