Cookie Monster

We’re not necessarily big on sweets around here, but I found this recipe for a one-pan dark chocolate chunk skillet cookie, and the absolute deliciousness had me in the kitchen whipping this up the same day.  Homemade cookies have been one of our indulgences this winter.  Again, I blame the milk.  A steady supply of that ice-creamy goodness just BEGS for cookies.  Plus, is there anything more enjoyable on a cold winter evening than filling your house with the sweet, warm fragrance of baking cookies?  I think not.

The entire recipe is made in a cast-iron skillet, making clean-up a cinch.  You start by melting butter in your pan and then adding your vanilla and sugar.  After your pan has cooled a little, you then add your egg, followed by your dry ingredients and then the chocolate.  The recipe calls for chocolate chunks, but I just added dark chocolate chips and also some dried cherries and walnuts…chocolate, walnuts, and cherries….YUM.

The entire mixture is then baked in the skillet, in the oven.  The recipe says 15 minutes, but ours wasn’t ready for about half an hour.

The result was the most delicious cookie/cake/brownie goodness from sent straight from heaven.  We savored it over the next couple of days by cutting small slices and enjoying it with rich glasses of milk.

Oh the warm chocolately, sugary, goodness!  Just the thing to help you make it through these last cold days of winter!


2 responses to “Cookie Monster

  1. you are making my mouth water…sounds good!

  2. As soon as I show Darryl this, he will be testing it out. Guaranteed!

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