On the mend

Harper became ill a week ago…starting out with a fever and vomiting, and then morphing into horrible congestion, drainage, and eventually, an ear infection.

Having a child sick is so very hard on so many levels.  Beyond the emotional drain of watching your precious child suffering, and the physical drain of  tending a very unhappy baby day and night, is the halting of all activities beyond the confines of the home.  There is no daycare, so work is left to pile up.  There is no happy baby playing while supper is prepared or dishes washed, so frozen pizza is eaten and dishes are stacked on the counter.  Nights are a haze as the one fitfully wakes, cries, sleeps, coughs, wakes, sleeps.

Time slows down and there is only the babe nestled in your arms, each congested breath causing the heart to ache, the worried brow to furrow a little deeper, and the arms to wrap even more tightly around this tiny bundle.

But with healing love, patience, and time, the sickness passes.  The energetic child returns, and the sun begins to shine once more.

Today we are seeing the sun.


3 responses to “On the mend

  1. Oh, Little Harper! So happy he’s better!

  2. Oh my goodness he is growing up so much! Glad to know he’s feeling better!

  3. Dear Sweet Baby Harper! So glad he’s feeling better!! There is such nasty respiratory stuff going around.

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