Breakfast of Champions

Hello, my name is Heidi, and I have a cereal addiction.

Yes, I am one of those people who can (and occasionally will) eat cereal for every meal.  There is something satisfying about a bowl of crunchy grain topped with some rich, cold milk.  (and how can I really be blamed when we get whole, organic, pastured milk delivered to our door from a local farmer?)

I’ve been trying to mix it up in the morning by accepting eggs when Wyatt offers them, cooking oatmeal or millet on occasion, and eating toast and peanut butter from our homemade bread.  But breakfast cereal is my true staple and I’ve accepted that this may never change.

While speaking with my Mom about my wish for a better breakfast option (since cereal is one of the few “processed” foods I consistently eat), she suggested I make my own cereal and provided me a recipe for homemade “Grape Nuts.”  With only whole wheat flour, milk, honey, baking soda, and salt as the ingredients it seemed like a great option.

I whipped up a batch about two weeks ago, with great results.  And the process was incredibly easy!

First you mix the ingredients and spread them out on a greased cookie sheet.  (I used coconut oil for the pan)

You then bake the mixture for about a half an hour.  When it was finished baking it came out like a soft, cookie-like bread.

While it was still warm, I broke off pieces and put them through the shredding blade on my food processor.

I then put the shredded crumbles back in oven for another 20-30 minutes, stirring occasionally until crisp.

I stored the cereal in a couple of jars to keep everything nice and fresh.

The cereal was delicious!  It was sweet like a graham cracker and had a crunchy texture.  The only things I may do differently next time is to shred it by hand with a cheese or slaw grater to ensure that all of the cereal has decent-sized pieces (the food processor over-did it for a portion of the cereal), and add less honey since in the morning I prefer a plainer, less sweet taste.

So there you have it, simple, homemade cereal.  I can have my cake (or cereal) and eat it too.


4 responses to “Breakfast of Champions

  1. Oh yeah! Homemeade Grapenuts! There is nothing like them! Yum!

  2. Thanks Heidi, that is inspiring. I love your blog, it has wonderful photos and encouraging homemaking is such an under attempted and undervalued life’s work. It is my goal. 🙂

  3. I’ve had your Mom’s Grapenuts many years ago but I remember – they ARE yummy!

  4. such a great idea, I will have to try this soon!

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