Winter Chickens

Oh the weather outside is frightful...

Today’s forecast calls for windchills in the range of -30 degrees.  Seems like nothing should be surviving outside in these temps!  But our hardy winter chickens are doing well, hunkered down in a thick bed of straw and cedar shavings, their coop insulated by a deep layer of snow that envelopes  the walls.

Yes, the chickens are doing well this winter.  We have a path shoveled across our backyard to their coop allowing us to dutifully head out each day to give them their feed and change the water in their heated dish.  We also save back and give them any the vegetable scraps, egg shells, and stale bread that comes out of our kitchen to ensure they still get some fresh food.

Chicken snacks

They provided us eggs through December but finally stopped laying at the beginning of January when we started experiencing some significant cold snaps on top of dealing with the least amount of light in the year.  Our strategy is just to keep them healthy, comfortable, and well fed until they start laying again.

Behold, the winter chickens!

Chickens at lunch today...current temps: 1 degree with -17 to -23 windchills


2 responses to “Winter Chickens

  1. Poor Chicky Bacs!! Looks like they should keep warm. They still get oxygen in their box, don’t they?

  2. Having the same thoughts about my first winter with our chickens, I’m amazed at what they can handle. I think it’s harder for me than it is for them when they choose to hang out in the cold rather than huddle in their hutch. But, I’m trusting the chicken wisdom 🙂

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