Handmade with Love

So I realize it’s a while past Christmas already, but I wanted to post on the handmade gifts that highlighted the holidays this year.

Despite all odds I was able to complete:

  • 2 hand-knitted cowls
  • 4 felted wool dolls
  • 1 felted wool cat
  • 5 flower headbands
  • 4 reusable fabric gift bags
  • 2 batches of triple layer peppermint bark

I started working on some of this back in the fall but it still came down to last minute for a few pieces (such as the cowl I was knitting in the dark as we drove to parents house on Christmas Eve).  Still, it was so much fun watching everyone open their handmade gifts.  And I wasn’t the only one with busy hands this season–my Mom and several siblings (and possible future sib-in-law) also had handmade gifts.

Without further ado, I present handmade Christmas 2010:

First up–Wild Things! Made from recycled felted wool sweaters. Hand and machine stitched with embroidered details.

Got the color right on this one, didn't I?

My little sister decided her Wild Thing needed a pink dress to match

And onto other gifts:

"Welcome" cat--made with felted wool, embroidered details

Seed-Stiched Cowl--hand-knitted and made with burly spun lambswool

Handmade reusable "gift bags"

Jersey headbands with felted wool flowers

Triple layer peppermint bark

And gifts made by others:

From my 11 year old sister: decoupaged fridge magnets made from scabble pieces and a hand-painted necklace

"Crown" made by a sister for a sister

Hand drawn and framed picture given to an aunt (sorry--forgot to get the actual drawing!)

Pottery cat pitcher made by my brother's girlfriend and given my Mom

And other handmade items I forgot to take pictures of:  painted wall hangings, painted stone coasters, an upcycled cardigan, and more!

In addition to our handmade gifts we gave nearly everyone soap or beauty products made by Carl B’s (out of Salem, SD).  You can see the Anise bar in the felted cat photo above.  We also personalized some mousepads made with Harper’s baby picture and gave multi-photo frames filled with family pics.

It was obviously a fabulously creative holiday season, and I hope to give many more handmade gifts in time.


2 responses to “Handmade with Love

  1. It was a fun creative Christmas!! Many more to come! Mom

  2. You are awesome!!!!!

    I will send you a picture of Ivy’s drawing! I am getting a copy for Ivy this weekend. (so glad you left out the ‘smart teacher look’ picture!!! ) Give Harper a hug!

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