End of the Season

Last weekend I spent the morning outside in the frosty November air cleaning out the garden.  It wasn’t too arduous of a task, and since Wyatt cared for Harper while I was out I was able to enjoy a little quiet solitude, a rare experience now.    The chickens did a good job of stripping the veggie remnants so most of what I was left to do was pulling dead stalks and clearing out the dead marigolds.

The chickens and I working on a frosty November morn

After pulling everything out I spread across the garden a layer of old grass clippings we had saved from an earlier mowing.  This will compost and should be a good  addition to the soil.  I then cleaned out the chicken house and spread the straw thinly across the garden as well.  We left the chickens out and they have been tilling everything into the soil as well as leaving their own fertilizer.

Making good use of the chicken straw and old grass clippings

We forgot about getting garlic in, but thankfully we’ve had an extended mild fall and there’s still time to plant before the ground freezes.  If we were really on the ball now would be the time to put in flower bulbs or plant trees.  But with a 6 month old we just don’t have the time or motivation.   Someday.

We’re also preparing the chickens for winter.  I filled their coop with lots of fresh straw and we purchased a heated water dish for them to use over winter so we don’t have to mess with breaking up frozen  water.

The garden tools are safely stored in our newly cleaned and organized garage (thank you, Wyatt!) and things are pretty well buttoned up for the season.

Now it’s time to rest before dreaming about next year’s garden.  Too late, I’m already there!


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