Free-ranging garden clean-up crew

With several good frosts under our belt, the harvesting season has officially ended for us. We’ve pulled everything edible out, taken out the tomato stakes, and yanked the extra fencing. And to help with end of the season work we’ve brought in a few extra hands….or feet and beaks.

Willing Workers

Our chickens have been allowed free roam of the garden for the past several weeks. A dream for them! They’ve been hard at work eating the veggie remnants and weeds, scratching and tilling up the soil, and “fertilizing” the ground for us. They’re eager workers! Up with the sun and out until dusk. It’s been fun to watch them from the kitchen window. We can’t usually see them since their coop is behind the garage.

Scratching, tilling, fertilizing

Earnest workers

The free-ranging chickens have also been a great source of entertainment for the dogs, particularly for Reuben. It’s hilarious to watch him stalking the birds from across the lawn. Of course, he’s a little forlorn when the stalk ends at the fence.

Wishful Rube

Only a few more tasks left until we’re done for the year. A final-clean-up of the garden is happening this weekend, followed by the planting of our garlic. Then the garden will officially be put to bed for the winter!


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