First Frost

As promised (oh so long ago), here are the pics from our fall harvest in anticipation of the first frost. This was the same weekend we harvested the rooster!

From left to right: green tomatoes, basil, eggplant, melons, cabbage, swiss chard, and a few leftover green onions

Harper surveys the harvest

Harper surveys the harvest


Washing chard and basil

Washing chard and basil. We blanched the chard and froze it in ziplock bags for use in casseroles, soups, and egg bakes this winter.


Saving some basil for drying

Freezing basil: take basil leaves, mix with a small amount of olive oil, lightly mix in food processor. Retains its wonderful fresh basil smell and taste! We've been using it on our yummy veggie pizzas.

All that’s left in the garden now are a few hardy leeks and a few tiny heads of cabbage.  Once we pull those final remnants of veggies we’re going to let the chickens into the garden space and they can clean up all the garden remnants and “till” and “fertilize” our soil for us!


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  1. Looking good Heidi!

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