Meeting our Meat

Rebecca Terk over at Big Stone Bounty saved me the trouble and wrote a great blog about the chicken processing skill session I attended at Glacial Lakes Permaculture with the Farm Beginnings students on Saturday.   Check it out!  Also, there’s a photo album here that provides highlights of the whole day, including a canning demonstration and a tour of the Glacial Lakes Permaculture demonstration plot.  Wow, hyperlink overload!

It was really a great day, despite the fact that I had been dreading the chicken butchering all week.  It went very well and was done a tidy, respectful manner.  All the students and mentors were able to participate in the various stages of processing.  It gave me confidence that perhaps someday we could raise our own meat birds if we want.

The permaculture demonstration plot is fantastic and it’s been interesting for me to watch it evolve over time.  GLP founder, Karl Schmidt, is doing an awesome job converting his property from lawn to an edible, perrenial landscape.  I hope one day we can implement some permaculture design at our own farm property!

By the way, if you’re intersted in the Farm Beginnings class, DRA’s still accepting applications!  Classes start at the end of October.


3 responses to “Meeting our Meat

  1. Heidi, this reminds me that we need to set up a time to do your permaculture consultation. When’s good for you?


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