Wordwide Breastfeeding Week, and breastfeeding meditation

It is Wordwide Breastfeeding Week, and August is National Breastfeeding Awareness Month.  For Harper and I, Breastfeeding Week is celebrated everyday!  Breastfeeding has been going well with the little one.  He is a hungry little guy and it’s a wonder I get anything accomplished besides sitting with him all day.  Still, those are lovely, quiet moments that I get to share with my rapidly growing child.  It doesn’t escape me that he will be a baby for only a short time, and this part of my life will pass by all too quickly.  So, when I sit down to nurse for what seems like the 2,002nd time of the day, I take a deep breath, look at my babe, and remember to cherish the moment.

I’ve been trying to get into the habit of involving meditation in my day.  As you can imagine, with a 10 week old baby attached to me at nearly all times, and my work needing to be done (I work 20 hrs. week from a home office), this is a difficult prospect.   Maybe this is why, more than ever, I feel the deep need for a peaceful, centering time.  I had been talking to Wyatt about how to incorporate meditation into my day when the obvious dawned on me: I sit still many times a day while I breastfeed.  Of course this is a perfect opportunity for meditation!  So while I feed Harper in the morning I have been listening to guided meditation by Thicht Naht Hahn.  This has proven to be a wonderful way to start the day, and Harper seems soothed by Hahn’s voice leading the meditation.

Tonight I came across this article by chance on Mothering.com.  It’s a piece on breastfeeding as a spiritual practice!  It’s wonderful, and it recognizes what I’ve figured out: breastfeeding can be a beautiful gift!


2 responses to “Wordwide Breastfeeding Week, and breastfeeding meditation

  1. Definitely some of the sweetest moments with my little girl. I try to remind myself of that in the middle of the night when she is happily eating away and I’m feeling like a zombie. I know I’ll miss these days.

  2. Wouldn’t have traded those days with my babies for anything in the world! I particularly remember really appreciating getting away from the craziness / noise at family gatherings. I’d get to go to a quiet room to relax. Ahhhhhhh…..

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