Cloth Diapering 101

We started using cloth diapers a few weeks ago.  It took me a awhile to settle on the kinds of diapers we would be using.  Little did I know when I entered this endeavor that there were so many different options…flats, prefolds, pocket, all-in-ones, wraps, hybrids, snappis, pins, covers…it goes on and on!  I headed down to Elegant Mommy and got some advice from Shelly, the owner.  She explained a couple of different options and broke out a couple of different kinds for me to check out.  While I was there, Terry, one of the midwives who I saw during my pregnancy, came in to buy diaper laundry detergent and gave me some suggestions as well.  She even showed me the cloth diaper her adorable son was wearing at that moment.  Way to go, Terry!

While all-in-one diapers seemed the easiest route, they were also the most expensive, so I settled on one of the economic options:  using a Thirsties Duo Wrap (a wrap-style cover) with a combination microfiber and hemp insert (called the g-flapper and made by The Nappy Shoppe).  I’ve also been using cloth prefolds with the covers.  Both types have been working well.  The cover is waterproof and can be used again as long as its not soiled, so that cuts down on the amount of covers I need.  It’s been nice not to be hauling huge trash bags of non-biodegradable diapers out to my trash bin.  I don’t have a very big stash of diapers yet, so I end up washing everyday.  I usually run out of diapers before the next load is ready, so it seems like we often use one disposable a day. I’ve been trolling Craiglist for some cloth diapers and also plan on attending Elegant Mommy’s Diapalooza on August 21st.  This is a large diaper swap where Moms can buy, sell, and trade their cloth diapers.

Diaper Gear: covers, inserts, prefolds, and homemade wipes

Happy cloth diapered baby!

For washing I’m using a gentle, homemade diaper detergent I picked up when I bought the diapers, as well as a small shot of Sun Oxygen Cleaner for the stains.  I try to hang the diapers outside when I have a chance as this pretty much makes all the stains disappear very quickly.  We don’t have a clothes line, so I’m using our chain link fence.  First we tear up the lawn and plant a garden, then get chickens, and now I’m hanging diapers on the fence…oh, what do the neighbors think?

No clothesline, no problem!

I’m enjoying the cloth diapering experience and glad we chose to go that route.  We still use disposables for trips, but may try to figure out traveling with cloth diapers in the future.

Rock on cloth diapers!


One response to “Cloth Diapering 101

  1. Too funny Heidi! Glad that you found what you need and are NOT filling up the landfills!

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