Garden Harvest

We spent this morning getting our garden cleaned up (the weeds were beginning to take over in some spots), planting a few things for fall, and harvesting quite a bit of delicious produce.  We dug up all the potatoes (and got a big, beautiful crop!) and planted kale, spinach, and beets in its place.  We’re hoping that we’ll get a second crop for fall, but I’m not sure if it’ll work out.  We were just using up the rest of the seeds from our spring planting, so it’s no big deal if our fall crop doesn’t materialize.  We also harvested some onions, beets, and snap beans.  We have a lot going on in the garden, so I took some pics and I’ll just let them do the talking.

Wyatt weeding the back corner

A great harvest of Red Norland potatoes

Dragon Tongue (purple and white) and Bountiful (green) snap beans

White Onions

Early Wonder and Golden Detroit beets

Early Wonder and Golden Detroit beets


Gorgeous basil!

Ruby Swiss Chard

Ruby Swiss Chard




The first few Sungold cherry tomatoes

The first few Sungold cherry tomatoes

Heirloom tomatoes on the vine...waiting patiently for the first one to ripen

Planting spinach, chard, and beets in hopes of a second crop for fall

After all that I spent the rest of the afternoon making cheese and canning dilly beans.  But I’ll save that for another post!

Finally feeling on top of the garden…and reaping the rewards of our efforts this spring, which I would consider valiant since I was nine months pregnant when we planted most things! 🙂


One response to “Garden Harvest

  1. Beautiful produce! Dilly beans? My mother made those! Yum!

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