Chickens and other goodness

We finally have a coop and a chicken run!

The Coop

Wyatt and his Dad built the coop and we welcomed the chickens to their new home a few weeks ago. We added two Plymouth Rock pullets to our small flock. These girls are from Wyatt’s Dad, who is raising a few layers this summer and was getting too many eggs. Since our chickens won’t be laying for a while the Plymouth Rocks will provide our eggs this summer. They’re beautiful birds!

Our flock

Our baby chicks are no longer babies…they’re looking like real chickens now. Our little chicken run has attracted some attention in the neighborhood, but nothing negative. Our little neighbor kids certainly seem to enjoy them!
Life with a new baby, two dogs, six chickens, and a garden is pretty busy! We’re finally starting to eat from the garden. Our spinach and lettuce is looking (and tasting) good, and our chard is coming along well too. Potatoes and onions are looking awesome. Our carrots failed to germinate well, so we’ll probably just be getting a small handful of them. Much of our other garden produce isn’t far enough along to make a judgement yet, but our garden is looking like it may produce some food for us.
Summer’s just trucking along, isn’t it?

Rapidly growing chickens

baby and a backyard chicken


2 responses to “Chickens and other goodness

  1. those chickens are so cool!

  2. Baby Harper…just wait ’til he’s chasing the chickens!

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