Do you know your farmer?

I do!  And I know quite a few, too.

Today is milk day, the day our local dairy farmer delivers to our home two half-gallons of raw, organic milk from his herd of 100% grass-fed Jersey cows.  This is an anticipated day at our house, as we usually have to ration the milk to make it last a whole week.  The milk is thick, creamy, and pure, utter, deliciousness.  This time of year it takes on a yellow hue due to the amazing nutrients the cattle are receiving from grazing on the thick spring grass.  This stuff is pure gold in the land of healthy eating.

Milk and Eggs from my local farmer

While exchanging pleasantries with my milk farmer, whose farm I have visited on numerous occasions and whose family I consider friends, I also picked up two dozen farm fresh (organic and pasture-raised) eggs out of his refrigerated truck.  Fresh, organic milk and eggs delivered right to my front door by a farmer-neighbor, and at a better price than I could buy organic at the grocery store.

We’ve got more local food coming this Saturday, which marks the first delivery of the South Dakota Local Food Co-op, a brand new co-op that allows members to buy local food online straight from their South Dakota farmers and have the entire order delivered to a central drop site once a month (right now these drop locations are in Sioux Falls and Brookings).  Wyatt and I have been involved in helping get the co-op launched through Dakota Rural Action and are more than thrilled to see it finally in action.  If you’re looking for the freshest food out there, check out the website and browse the product list, which, for the first ordering cycle, contained over 200 products.  The next ordering period begins on June 1st, and there’s doubtless going to be a whole bunch of new products the second time around as the co-op has been growing by leaps and bounds.

We’ve got some delicious items on the way:

  • Whole chickens from Svec Farm and Fifth Generation Farm
  • Pork Brats and Sausage Links from the Goosemobile
  • A bag of fresh spring veggies from Prairie Moon Winery
  • Bread from Cider Hill Farm and Mary from Gary Breads
  • Jelly from Mary from Gary Breads
  • Flax from Fifth Generation Farm
  • Soap from Star Grazing in SD

For budgetary reasons we had to restrain ourselves from buying a lot more, so for next order cycle we plan on purchasing from some of the other farmers we didn’t buy from this time.  Can’t wait for the food to get here!

To find your local farmer, and other local foods goodness, check out:

South Dakota Local Foods Co-op:
South Dakota Local Foods Directory:
Dakota Rural Action (shameless plug, full disclosure: I work there!):


2 responses to “Do you know your farmer?

  1. It’s funny that in this picture there’s a local turkey breast thawing in the background which didn’t even get mentioned 🙂

  2. We haven’t made the jump to local milk–which we need to do. First, I want to home pasteurize, plus I’m curious about all things butter. Let’s talk about cream and butter soon.

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