Things are continuing to grow around here!
The chickens are looking more velocirapor-ish every day, and are developing cranky personalities. We’re wondering if maybe our “mixed breed/mixed sex” chickens also have mixed personalities…hmmm…

The Henchmen

Chickens or......?

Last weekend Wyatt spent the afternoon building a chicken coop with his Dad.  He forgot the camera but his Mom snapped a few pics so hopefully I’ll be able to upload those soon.  His Dad also purchased some chickens this spring and is wanting to give us a few grown Plymouth Rock pullets…so we may end up with a few hens soon.  That would be on the assumption that at least a few of our mixed chicks are going to turn out to be roosters that will need to find another home (or..?).  We really don’t want more than five backyard chickens.  Getting the pullets would mean we’d have eggs right away, but it’ll also mean we would need to introduce the chicks into the flock later this summer…which I’ve heard can be tricky.   I guess we’ll just take it as it comes.

Our little flats of vegetable transplants have finally started sprouting.  Hurrah!  We’ve also spied the first of the spinach coming up in the garden.  It was awfully cold and rainy here all week but today the sun was shining so we’re hoping that the ground warms up and the rest of the seed starts sprouting.  Our friend gave us some heirloom tomatoes to transplant once the frost danger is gone, so we’re excited for that as well.

cabbage sprouts

And lastly, I’m still growing!  I’ve been experiencing lots of prelabor ever since last weekend but it hasn’t progressed into the real thing yet.  The air is beginning to get heavy with anticipation around here.  I’ve developed a nasty cold at the same time as starting the prelabor stuff, so I’ve been struggling through this week.  I did manage to get out today in the sunshine and take a hike with Wyatt at Palisades State Park in Garretson.  We’ve been trying to get a lot of walking in to encourage all these contractions to turn into the real thing.  No success yet, but we’re on the final countdown here no matter what!  Soon the little guy will be here.  🙂

38 1/2 weeks and hiking

Be well, and I’ll be back soon.


2 responses to “Growth

  1. Oh those babies! They decide when they want to make their grand entrance! After that they pretty much rule the roost too!
    Good luck and we’re waiting to hear!!!

  2. I’m enjoying the blog entries, but I know they won’t be as frequent when Little Wyatt shows up. Hang in there, Heidi, you’re doing great!

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