37 weeks and nesting

37 weeks along!  Won’t be long now.  Feeling very excited to be to this point, but can’t believe I’ll be holding a newborn soon.  In this pic you’ll see the family crib my Grandpa Ted made for his kids.  It’s been passed around the family for years and will now hold a great-grandbaby of Grandpa’s.  I don’t plan on using the crib very often, but it is nice to have in the “baby room” for naps and whatnot.

Baby clothes are washed, hospital bag is packed, birth plan is written and printed…starting to feel like a few things are in order so we can have this little one.  Are new parents ever truly “ready” for baby to come?  I have to say I have no idea how “ready” feels…it’s more like, “ready or not, here I come!”  And when you do decide to arrive baby, we will welcome you with loving, open arms!  We are so excited to meet you!


One response to “Mama-to-Be!

  1. Oh goodness! Started crying while reading this precious piece! I’m so very excited for you! Your hearts will overflow with love!!! It so wonderful!

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