Getting the Garden In

We’ve been very busy this spring getting the town farm up and running. After much work, our garden plot is dug and ready for planting. We tilled it…and re-tilled it…and raked it…and dug it up by hand with a shovel…and re-tilled it…and re-tilled it.  The reason for all of this is because upon tilling the soil we realized that our yard at some point was created by someone laying turf down. And the bottom of this turf is a plastic netting that apparently never decomposes. In order to make the garden functional and get down far enough in this compacted soil we had to dig through and remove all of this plastic netting around it.  Yuck! Wyatt of course did the majority of this work, being as I’m nine months pregnant and all, but I did manage to do some raking and shoveling, and stood by rest of the time for counseling and moral support.

Tilling...and tilling...

We also fenced in the back half of our yard to keep the dogs at bay from the garden, the chickens, and the other food plots we plan to put in (strawberries, melons, squash).  This has created a bit of crankiness from the dogs, but we are pleased with the layout.

digging the corner post

The garden is 25 x 20, so we’re working with 500 square feet of space. This seems soooo tiny in comparison to working on more than half and acre or so like I was at my farm internship the last couple of summers. It’s so hard to scale down the amount of planting that I feel should be done. Good thing I’m dedicated to keeping a garden journal to document our planting strategies so that I can start learning the appropriate amount of veggies to plant for a small family (versus the Farmers Market).  We’ll probably end up with too much of some and not enough of others, but I’m ok with that thsi first season just as long as there’s some fresh food growing.

prepping potato beds

planting into the twilight

9 months pregnant and planting carrot seed

So far we’ve planted a couple rows of Red Norland potatoes, some spinach, scallions, golden and purple beets, carrots, onion starts, dill, and cilantro. We also started some flats of leeks, kale, melons, cabbage, basil, and marigolds. These are hanging in the garage for the moment but will be moved into the sunniest room in the house once they sprout. (That happens to be the baby’s room! Luckily the little one won’t have much use for a room of his own until until he’s older)

We are so excited about the garden!  Really looking forward to getting fresh food out of our backyard this summer.  It will be so nice to have access to fresh produce as a new Mom.  So glad the gardening is getting done now…just a few more weeks until this little one arrives!


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