2010 Seed Order!

A couple nights ago we finalized our seed order! We will have a diversified but small garden this year, so we only ordered one packet of seeds for each crop, with only a few exceptions. We still need to do our potato seed order, and a friend of ours is going to start some heirloom tomato transplants for us. Otherwise, our Fedco seed order looks like this:

Dragon Tongue Bean

Tiger Eye Bean

Sugar Baby Watermelon

Marketmore 76 Cucumber

Waltham Butternut Squash

Yaya Carrot

Early Wonder Tall Top Beet

Golden Detroit Beet

Bleu de Solaize Leek

Evergreen Hardy White Scallion

Copra Onion

Tyee Spinach

Ruby Red Rhubarb Chard

Dark Green Italian Parsley

Early Jersey Wakfield Cabbage

Rainbow Lacinato Kale

Sweet Basil


Caribe Cilantro

Bouquet Dill

Common Mint

Greek Oregano

We ordered marigolds for pest control around the perimeter of the garden, and we also have a couple of packets from the Seed Saver Exchange booth at MOSES, and those include Bountiful Green Beans and Baby Oakleaf Lettuce.

We’re not so sure about starting onions and leeks ourselves, so if we don’t have the ambition we’ll be looking for onion sets to replace the seed.

We’re soooo excited for spring and looking forward to breaking ground!


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