Day One: Buying the Urban Homestead!

Yesterday we signed the papers and became the proud owners of the urban homestead, a small cottage on the edge of the city and the edge of the prairie.  We have big plans for this little stamp of urban land: a big garden, a few laying hens, composting, putting up food, simple living, cooking, and baby-raising.  It’s our first home.  And we can’t wait to get started.

This blog will be a place to share the adventures of urban homesteading, for better or for worse.  You’re welcome to read along as we recount the journey!

The Urban Homestead


3 responses to “Day One: Buying the Urban Homestead!

  1. I need to get out to your new home. I have a baby gift for you and by the looks of the baby’s room it will match. 🙂 Your new home looks so cozy. I bet you love it!!!!!

    ( your not going to eat those cute baby chicks are you?)

  2. Uncle Steve K.

    Cute house! Wyatt have a job yet or is he just doing the cock fighting thing?

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